Project proposal

When presenting our idea to the teacher we must type down our ideas on a sheet. We will present the idea on Monday that being the day I publish this blog.

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My logo

For our website mine being YouTube Gaming I needed a suitable logo like all logos. I needed something that consists of the two. So after hours of thinking of stuff and constantly changing my mind I came up with this. The logo has a black background and it’s a combo of a game controller and the YouTube symbol. I made my creation on Photoshop. First I outlined the YouTube play button with a magnetic lasso and inverted selection to delete the red background. I then did the same with the inside red start button which I regret doing, but it still looks good. Then I did the controller. I split it in half with the lasso tool again and then got rid of the red background through the same process and the first image. I then put the split up controller on both sides of the YouTube play button. I was proud of my final product, but as you may notice it’s a little different on the website because you get access to filters and I chose one that made it have that 3D static effect. Overall the logo looks good to me and definitely gets the meaning across that being YouTube Gaming.

Logo ideas

I have to think of many logo designs and decide what my own logo will look like. I am debating at this stage whether to have words in it or not. So far I don’t think I should, but I definitely think I need the YouTube logo in it as it’s YouTube related. I see in the group of logos they all have a range in colours so I know that choosing a certain colour won’t matter they all seem to be eye catching. I also see that they get the meaning across in the imagery. For example ‘Subway’ has a arrow on the ‘Y’. Arrows usually point at something to show the way of direction referring back to the way in the word subway. So I hope that through a couple more brainstorming sessions I will finally think of a good looking logo.

Questions interview

Question 1: What content do you upload on your channel?

Question 2: When did you set up your channel?

Question 3: What is your favourite part of making YouTube videos?

Question 4: How much do you upload on your channel monthly?

Question 5: Who do you watch a lot on YouTube or inspire after?

Question 6: How do you record your videos?

Question 7: Why do you record the content you do and upload it?

Question 8: When you record do you stay within the trends of games or play other games that aren’t so popular in gameplay videos?

Questions 9: Do you team up within any other people who record YouTube videos?

Question 10: What is your ultimate goal when it comes to YouTube?

Secondary Research for Documentary.

Top games of 2017: Assassin Creed Origins, Shadow of War, Fortnite, Star Wars Battlefront 2, Cuphead, Injustice 2, For Honour, PlayersUnknown Battlegrounds, Call of Duty World War 2, Wolfenstein 2. g

Top games of 2018: Red Dead Redemption 2, Spider-Man, Sea of thieves, FarCry 5, A way out, Dragon Ball FighterZ, DayZ.

(These are games that are highly spoken of, but as there are many games so i’ll pick out the most important for the documentary)

Gaming YouTubers: VanossGaming, H2O Delirious, MessYouself, Node, LittleTommo.

(To get statistics of the off the YouTubers I listed I will use a website social blade to see their results in views and money. One of them YouTuber’s ‘LittleTommo’ is my friend who I will be interviewing.

VanossGaming has a massive subscriber count of 22,467,053. He get’s a monthly earning from between £25.9 thousand to £414.9 thousand benefiting on how much he uploads and how much views he gets in videos.

H20 Delirious has a subscriber count of

As you can see Social Blade tells me everything statistics wise on a YouTuber