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RunshawTV Media Crew

On Thursday the first of February me and two of my friends were invited to help out as the media team to record the performing arts show ‘My Teachers a Troll’. Each of us had different roles that we was assigned to. My role was to operate camera 3 and move in different positions that the director told me which was my friends role.

Overall I think it was a successful night and I enjoyed it very much.


9/11 Photo Analysis

Analyse the photographs – In the pictures below we see that in the first one it is of a woman who is covered in the ash from the destruction of the buildings. From that picture we can see the amount of ash that effected the city. We can see the shock on this woman’s face and it shows how unexpected it was. In the second picture we see people running away from the destruction and in the picture we can see the fear on the public’s faces due to it being such a horrifying moment in time. Like the second picture in the third one below we see two people looking up, supposedly at the destroyed buildings. Yet again we see the fear on their face. And finally we actually see building among the flames of the destruction. We also see the public just stood there in disbelief of what has happened.


Make notes from the video – discuss the style of camerawork and the audio – how do we know it’s amateur footage? In the video that we watched of 911 was no professional camera work. This is because it’s recordings from the public that captured it on their phone. Due to this the audio was rather terrible as it wasn’t at its greatest, however within the audio we could hear screams and people discussing the scene that just happened. As for the camera work it is shaking a lot and from that we can see how scared the camera man is.

Online BBC videos

Within the videos I watched on the BBC website they claim that it is different when news is portrayed on the internet than TV. On a website they can drag out a story and put ore background information into it other than putting it on Television. The length of a video can be longer which is good as more news can be put in. I have also realised how interactive the news can be when it is on website, so if a person was looking for a particular background into the story they can access it easily. The BBC team can also access how long people watch videos or click on a story.


A link to a website for video/information from the BBC website

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Robert Wilson

In 1969 Robert Wilson was born. He was born in London and after years of education he graduated from Blackpool along with The Fylde College. From this education he has built his highly successful career in commercial photography, specialising in portraiture. What makes him so different and what separates him from other photographers working with the documentary genre is the fact his personal work builds on his aesthetic.

His work has been widely exhibited both in the UK and internationally, including at The National War Museum (Scotland), The Southbank Centre, Stade Hall, the International Shanghai Photographic Exhibition, and the gallery @ OXO in London. His photography has also been featured extensively in the national press including The Guardian, BBC, The Independent, The Times, and The Sunday Times.


Photo Journalism

  • Defining Photojournalism – Photo Journalism is a type of journalism where you tell the story in a image. So the scene isn’t set up it would be real as it’s evidence.
  • Photojournalism Jobs – A staff Photographer. A stringer or Freelance photographer. Wire such as associated Press or Reuters
  • Photo Assignments – give some examples of jobs described
  • The Greats – One great a famous photographers is Robert Wilson and he is famous because he goes into war and takes pictures of people there. I have made a blog about him explaining why he is so famous.
  • Shooting Skills – To make a good photograph you just have to capture the right moment. Whether it’s focusing on a animal in it’s habitat or waiting ages to get that perfect shot of something mid action.
  • An Ethical Approach and Attitude– Ethics is about the moral principles that people work with. Societies, countries, groups all have ways of deciding what is right and wrong.
  • Dedication and Compassion – Being dedicated to photography is what get’s you to being one of the greatest. We all start out fresh knowing nothing, but if your dedicated and you have a strong compassion to it then you will become better.
  • Storytelling – Pictures in photojournalism alone can explain the story even without reading what’s in store. Say if someone had gotten in a car crash and had survived the picture could be of someone wounded stood close to the camera and in the background the broken car is in sight. From that we can tell this man was in that accident, but he’s still alive.